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Our clients always comes first.

Astrad Shipping is a Licensed Customs Clearing and Freight Forwarding company, situated in Central Durban.

We aim to become your partner in business, get to know your needs; and offer your the most reliable, effective efficient service. We also offer expert advice and solutions to all your Import and export requirements. Giving your as our client the edge in the shipping industry and a service to meet all your freight clearing and freight forwarding requirements.

Providing our clients with complete logistic solutions is the reason for our success in the market. We aim at constantly exceeding our clients expectations. Offering peace of mind, from departure, arrival and delivery of your Goods. Customising our services to each individual clients to suite their needs.

This unique perspective, equipped with highly qualified staff and sound knowledge and experience helps us to support worldwide distribution and supply chain management, enabling Astrad Shipping to tailor make resources to meet individual requirements.